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Talked about all the time but rarely executed well. Our founders have exited many times as have our board of advisors and partners


Sometimes you just need a review of where you are on plan whether it be the finances, strategy. Our partners can assist you.


Raising Seed is not like raising a Series A or indeed a Series B. Getting from 10 staff to 100 staff is no easy thing. Or you might be looking to do some acquisitions. We have many years of experience with our M&A Panel and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Expand to Europe & USA

"We are opening in the US" we hear a lot. It's a minefield and the best from Europe still fail in the United States. 

Expanding to Europe can be good for adding to company valuation, but hard to manage on an 8hr time difference. We have teams on the ground in London, Brussels, New York and Palo Alto.

Exit? Expansion? Review?


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