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Pario Ventures invests in The Pit Stop

London-based automotive investor Pario Ventures has invested in motorsport magazine The Pit Stop.

The Pit Stop magazine was launched in 2021 by founders Rob Hansford and Brian Smith and has interviewed high-profile racing drivers such as Tom Kristensen, Alex Brundle, Dario Franchitti, and Amy Shore.

The investment made by Pario Ventures also means that David Murray- Hundley joins the advisory board of The Pit Stop.

Rob Hansford commented, “The Pit Stop is delighted to be partnering with Pario Ventures as we pursue substantial growth within the motorsport publishing sector.”

“It's exciting to see that Pario Ventures shares The Pit Stop’s vision and they also bring a wealth of expertise, enabling us to improve the flow of our company whilst also pushing towards our expansion targets.”

“We are really happy to be supporting The Pit Stop team and it's refreshing to have a publication that's more about quality for its readers than just putting content in for the sake of content. The team has done a very good job of building a quality motorsport magazine both digitally and in print without losing their identity”, commented David Murray-Hundley, CEO of Pario Ventures.

The Pit Stop also works with the likes of Goodwood Members Meeting and Mclaren.

Pario Ventures is based in London, New York, and Brussels. It was founded by David Murray-Hundley and Kevin Doyle. Pario Ventures has other Automotive investments in its portfolio including Overland-E, Fleet-e, Sono Motors, River Simple, MyCarDirect, and HiyCar.

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