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It's a 'Henry Ford moment' - a new E-buggy for overland domestic, sport and military use

An e-vehicle designed for overland travel for daily, sport and military use is being brought a step closer thanks to Banbury entrepreneur David Murray-Hundley.

Mr Murray-Hundley - known as The Grumpy Entrepreneur - is passionate about cars and motoring. He has taken a stake in a new development - an electric Overland-E vehicle, to be built in Banbury and Birmingham. A truly 21st century innovation, 3D printing will be used for manufacturing parts. He calls it a 'Henry Ford moment'.

The investment in Kingfisher-Overland comes through Mr Murray-Hundley's company Pario Ventures. It aims to enhance the performance and endurance engineering side of the business in a future 'everyman' motorsport series.

The Overland-e was born out of a passion for overlanding and adventure which have been combined in the development of the buggy. A main focus is the development of electric endurance capability in an adaptable, practical machine that anyone can use and enjoy.

Full article in the Banbury Guardian online

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