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Laura Jones

Advisor - Investment (UK) & Operational Business Mentor


Area of Expertise:  Advisor - Investment (UK) & Operational Business Mentor


Laura Jones is Pario Ventures' in-house expert on Investment (UK) and a Business mentor for Operations


Laura Jones is an experienced and dedicated advisor, who has the right industry connections and necessary determination and experience, to assist businesses to achieve their goals.  She is a serial entrepreneur, having been a founding partner of a number of start-up businesses. She thinks of ‘outside-of-the-box’ solutions, and is passionate about seeing businesses achieve the success they are capable of, by helping them to flourish and thrive.  Laura is confident in her skills, having years of operational expertise in helping businesses grow from the ground up.  As well as being personable with both her colleagues and clients, she also has an array of skills covering HR, finance, compliance, fund accounting & project management.


Spanning a career over 30 years she worked as an underwriter, before moving into the world of asset management where she worked for ICI, Robert Fleming and Morgan Grenfell. More recently she has been working within the Crowdfunding space, as COO at Money&Co. alongside well renowned fund manager Nicola Horlick.

As a qualified Corporate Stress Counsellor, Laura has a deep understanding of the pressures that entrepreneurs face, and she uses those skills to also add value to businesses, and she is someone many people turn to for advice.


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