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Jan Stanley Brown

Blockchain & Crypto advisor

Jan Stanley Brown Pario Ventures.png

Jan is Pario Ventures' in-house advisory expert for everything Blockchain and Crypto.

Jan is a blockchain technology enthusiast, investor, and miner. Jan is a passionate proponent of blockchain technology. Owning his own 100% renewable crypto mining farm in Africa as well as being part of multiple non-profit organizations to help promote and educate BENELUX regulators on the impacts of blockchain. He has equally advised multiple ICO projects.

Jan is Co-Founder of Blockchain Integration Technologies (B.I.T), Co-founder of the Belgium Blockchain & Crypto Asset Federation, Member of the board of The European BlockChain Federation, and also advises banks on large scale IT projects across the UK, Benelux, and Luxenberg. Including Belfuis Bank, Quintet Private Banking Group, and many others. 


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