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David Murray-Hundley

CEO & Co-Founder Pario Ventures


David Murray-Hundley is passionate about the start-up and scale-up space but more importantly getting shareholders an exit. David has also always been interested in helping UK companies get to the US, and US companies into Europe I founded Pario Ventures back in 2010 to achieve this but kept it out of the public domain up until May 2021 when I have refocused on Pario. 

As well as the day job I am Chairman for Alliance Asset Management Group, MyCarDirect,  E- Fundamentals  and advisory to other early-stage companies.

David also has worked on distressed companies over the last 20years having been through 2 downturns in that period.

In the past few years, I spoke to 1000s of startups and founders to help them through 2020/2021 lockdowns. David has been part of or worked on a number of Venture Capital and Seed Investment deals. 

I have a lot of positives I am proud of through the last 20plus years, some are:-

Commerce One and its $22bn NASDAQ IPO in the Dotcom days
BVR (acquired by Chase Manhattan)1st European company to create B2B e-procurement system online
Helping Brabham on its journey back
Being part of a lot of founders’ and companies’ journeys both exit and turnaround
Going bankrupt at 30

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