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At Pario Ventures, we spearhead strategic investment across the Energy, Automotive, and Mobility sectors, championing the transition to a NetZero future. Our philosophy, encapsulated by the acronym Pario—representing Partnership, Adaptation, Results, Integration, and Ownership—underscores our pledge to foster meaningful collaborations with enterprises that not only enrich our diverse portfolio but also share our vision for sustainable advancement. In a landscape marked by rapid technological innovation and changing market landscapes, our mission is to empower organizations that are at the forefront of innovation and practicality, especially those committed to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our commitment extends beyond mere financial investment to providing comprehensive strategic guidance, operational support, and a relentless pursuit of outcomes that signify real-world impact. Pario Ventures is devoted to the growth of our partners, positioning them as leaders and innovators ready to redefine their industries. Our holistic approach scrutinizes the financial robustness and the potential for a sustainable and impactful footprint, facilitating a seamless meld within our existing ecosystem and the wider global environment.

Embracing a culture of ownership and collaboration, we aim to accelerate the development of forward-thinking solutions that confront global environmental challenges, promote economic prosperity, and lay the groundwork for the industry leaders of tomorrow. Pario Ventures stands as a beacon for those who not only aim to succeed in the current landscape but also to lead the charge towards a more sustainable, NetZero world across the Energy, Automotive, and Mobility sectors.


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David Murray-Hundley

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Jason Linehan

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Holding Investments
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Kevin Doyle

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Jan Stanley-Brown

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Laura Jones

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Trina Murray-Hundley

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